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Counseling Services Offered:

Counseling for Individuals & Couples

Individual Therapy

Counseling for those seeking to better navigate current and stage of life issues they may be struggling with including…

  • Depression and anxiety issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Divorce and parenting issues

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Counseling for those who are experiencing increased conflict or a disconnection within their marriage including…

  • Conflict or impending divorce issues

  • Parenting struggles

  • In-law issues

  • Financial stress

  • Aftermath of infidelity

Step-Parenting and Post-Divorce Counseling

Counseling for individuals or couples going through divorce who want to do so in an amicable way. Guidance for those seeking to ease the ebb and flow of parental issues that may arise as a result of a potential or sudden divorce including…

  • Step-moms, step-dads, and overall step-parenting

  • Post-divorce co-parenting (non-court-ordered)

  • Parenting through divorce and thereafter

My Approach 

My work as a counselor is heavily influenced by my training with the late Dr. David Schnarch, who taught me, among other things, the importance of bringing one's whole self to relationships and being willing to risk conflict by doing so. My work is also influenced by my clients, as they have taught me a lot about what is helpful and what is not, and by my own life experiences (particularly, my mistakes). I have a pragmatic approach to therapy and am not wed to a particular step by step program or plan. My role is not to tell people what to do or to give advice. My job is to help people grow -- to become more confident, mor honest, more aware of themselves, better at expressing themselves, better at setting boundaries and better at handling conflict and difficult emotions. My goal is that people leave counseling equipped to manage their own lives and relationships.

About Me

I'm from a small town in West Michigan and grew up in a working class family. I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. After grad school, I lived and worked in Chicago for a year before returning to the Grand Rapids area. Most of my training and experience over the past decade is in working with couples and in helping people with relationship issues. 

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My Approach
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